Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mini Diaper Cakes & MORE!

As some of you already know, my baby sister delivered twin girls at 26 weeks gestation.  I am happy to say that they are two weeks old today, and doing incredibly well!  Unfortunately, they actually came before we had a chance to have her baby shower!

Since I enjoy so many different creative things, I am sharing some items with you that have been created here at My Creative Clubhouse...besides the cards, scrapbook pages, and other paper craft things you are use to seeing.  I made these cute mini diaper cakes for my sister's shower to use as centerpieces on the tables.

Here are all 8
I REALLY like these two. I made on blonde and one brunette since the girls have different colored hair. We know London's hair is a very blonde blonde (if that makes sense), and Dakota's hair is a little darker.

When I made the cakes, I made some with preemie diapers, some with newborn, so I also made little heart tags to attach so that my sister knows which cakes are what sizes.

These are 2 of my favorites!
And, of course, we just couldn't leave my nephew Diesel out of all of the excitement. He is SO PROUD to be a big brother, that his Auntie Tammy just HAD to make him his own t-shirt to parade around in! So, here is the front of the shirt. I'm not happy with how transparent the babies are on this darker shirt, so I know in the future to use a thicker material, or a lighter shirt. BUT Diesel loves blue, so blue it is!

Front of shirt
 This is a closer look at the front of the shirt.
Closer Up
 And then I personalized the back for him also! I sure hope he likes it as much as I do...
Back of Shirt
Always having fun, always creating!  I LOVE my "job"!

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