Monday, August 3, 2009

Scrapbooking 101!

CLASSIC Scrapbooking, STUDIO Scrapbooking, Embellished STUDIO Scrapbooking........Do YOU know what this means? Of course you don't, so let ME explain!!
I just returned from Long Beach, California after attending the 2009 Close To My Heart Leadership Conference, and boy do I have exciting things to share with all of you!!
Jeanette Lynton, Founder and CEO of Close To My Heart, and her terrific corporate team did nothing less than blow our socks off!!! I am so blessed to be a part of a company that is so innovative in all that they do! One of the many things there shared with us is Studio J. Read on to learn more!
You are all familiar with CLASSIC is your scrapbooking done with papers, embellishments, adhesives, etc and one of my favorite!
STUDIO scrapbooking.....WOW, where can I begin? Well, let me begin by having you click HERE to visit Studio J for yourself to get a teaser of what it is about!
Are you back to learn more? Well, first of all, Studio J is FREE online design software! That's right! It's FREE, no downloads!! You can visit Studio J and USE Studio J (to be released early 2010) WITHOUT paying for it BEFORE you try it!!
Not only that, it is designed with Close To My Heart prioprietary papers, colors, etc. Unlike our competitors, we did NOT slap our label on someone else's software! That's right, Studio J has been designed specifially FOR Close To My Heart, WITH Close To My Heart, FOR those who LOVE Close To My Heart!! I guarantee it is like nothing else you have ever seen or tried!
Embellished STUDIO Scrapbooking...print your STUDIO designs without embellishments and add your CLASSIC touches to your layouts!
The possibilities are endless! I hope you will visit me often to watch for updates on this NEW, not yet released, innovative Studio J Online Design Software! I look forward to sharing more with you as it becomes available. So, if you haven't, visit Studio J NOW to see what all the hype is about!

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