Monday, May 4, 2009

Working VERY hard to get this ready to share!

This is my office door. It is sweet leaf on the inside to match my office. The outside is being painted to match the walls running around the entire clubhouse. It is blush on top, white daisy on the bottong and will have a stripe of chocolate running through it just like the door off to the left of the picture in the background.
F This is the far back wall of the clubhouse. You can see the doorway to my office on the far right. There is a mirro and slat board on this wall.

And here is the AMAZING shelving unit that we turned on it's side and made shelves to put all the colors of my solid cardstock into! Thank you Uncle Squeak, Lane and Lance! Job WELL DONE! I LOVE IT!
So, we are working hard. My family (Lane, Uncle Squeak and my boys) have been so incredibly helpful in making my dream a reality! I can't tell you how very blessed I am!
Today I will be doing some touch up painting, painting of the fixtures I plan to use, and hopefully I will be moving things in soon. I so can't wait to share "My Creative Clubhouse" with everyone. This truly is MY happy place!

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