Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Receive Newsletters and other Announcements!

If you are interested in receiving monthly newsletters and other announcements for the activities being held at My Creative Clubhouse, please send me an email at mycreativeclubhouse.yahoo.com with "Add Me" in the subject line.

And here are more pictures to share! Progressing right along......I'm SO EXCITED!Top: view from front of clubhouse to back, Middle: view of the set for the Inspiration Station where you can step away from your work to take a breather and look at different idea books for inspiration! Bottom: the AWESOME double carafe coffee maker that my sweet friend Wendi got me for a gift for the clubhouse! LOVE that it's pink! And the stand that will hold various "snacks" including chocolate, of course!
Can't WAIT to share my creative studio with YOU!

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  1. I am SO VERY jealous!! This is going to be absolutely awesome! Keep posting your pics. I want to come play!!