Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Custom Project #1 St. John's Lutheran School

I was given the task of taking these boards with the rope wrapped around and cutting out the words and some sort of decoration.  St. John's Lutheran School is having a fundraiser and needed signs for the different areas.  I got a TON of help from my dear friend Amy Heinen with cutting out all of the words for the signs AND additional words for them to use on the walls.

 Another dear friend of mine, Sanela Kubiak, was visiting from Indiana and was kind enough to attach all the words to the signs for me.  Today, I was able to take the list I made for what cut outs I wanted to dress up each of the signs, cut them out and get them attached!  Yeah!  Tomorrow I get to call my contact and let her know they are all ready to go! 

 I have yet another custom project to complete for the 5th grade class at St. John's Lutheran School.  They did some BEAUTIFUL etching on a mirror, and I need to finish decorating the center.  If THIS piece is an example of what is going to be available, you ALL need to go!  I will post more information with dates & times so that you can check it out for yourself!

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