Monday, December 13, 2010

Wow, Studio J!! What? You don't know what Studio J is?

Have you played with Studio J?  Do you know what Studio J is? Welllllll, let me fill you in!  If you visit my Close To My Heart Website there is a link to go to Studio J Online Scrapbooking!  Now, GET THIS...Studio J is completely FREE for you to try out and play with, it does NOT download anything to your computer, so no worries about viruses or slowing your computer down, and you can create to your heart's content, all at NO COST to you!

Never thought you would do online scrapbooking? Well, I have a few girls who needed a gift, or thought they were not creative enough to do the traditional paper scrapbooking...they now LOVE Studio J!

Here are a few of the pages I have created with Studio J...

Can you imagine? These were so fun, so easy, and took limited time to create! And did I mention, NO MESS to clean up afterwards?  Although I do not see myself ever going completely to online scrapbooking, it sure is fun to do.  I was able to order two copies of the tubing pages, and the pages of my nephew so that I could give them to my son's girlfriend Kayla, and my sister!  Easy peasy! Create it once, order two copies to give as gifts!

So, have some fun, go check it out. It costs you NOTHING unless you decide you love your pages so much you HAVE TO order the prints :).  You can purchase individually, or I do have details available on discounted 5 packs, a 3 month membership, or a full year membership. 

What does the membership do for you?  It allows you to purchase your layouts at HALF PRICE, receive FREE shipping once a month on qualified orders, receive page protectors for your new pages you have created, gives you access to member exclusive paper packs AND page patterns...WOW!

Contact me if you wish to receive more details! You may purchase your 5 packs and memberships through me, or right online through my website.  Now, run and play! It's so user friendly and a blast to play with!

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