Thursday, June 11, 2009

CONTEST!!! Are YOU a competitor??

Since I am really working hard to get the "My Creative Clubhouse" name out there, I have decided to begin a contest!

What YOU need to do: Send the blog address ( )to as many people as you possibly can who would have an interest in what My Creative Clubhouse offers. Ask that your contacts check out the blog and THEN send me an email at letting me know WHO referred them to the blog!

The person with the most referrals by June 30th will win a prize!!! If you are already signed up for my mailing list, or have contacted me and were referred by someone, please email me and let me know whom!

This should be LOTS of fun! Let's see how many referrals each of you can make. Let's see that counter on the blog go crazy! Come on......WHO will be the winner??

1 comment:

  1. WHAT???? NO referrals yet? Come on everyone, who wants to win that prize?